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Fancom for a Reason

In 1986, founder Nico Mulder ten Kate was hired as a consultant for a hog barn-building project in the Fraser Valley. Tasked with researching the best farm management equipment suppliers in Europe, he sourced everything except the building and arranged for it to be shipped from Europe to Abbotsford in containers. Every concrete slat, galvanized feeder, inlet, fan, computer, nut, bolt–the works.

Through his research, Nico was introduced to Fancom’s technologically advanced products and saw an opportunity to streamline distribution into Canada. The idea took hold and Can-Neth Imports Ltd. was born.

Can-Neth Imports Ltd. philosophy is built around the comprehensive support, expertise, and intelligence of Fancom’s Climate, Feed Automation, Biometrics, and Data Management systems. Can-Neth Imports Ltd. has been a Fancom distributor for over 30 years.

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