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Manageable Poultry House Feed Costs

As each house is different, iFarming™ offers a variety of broiler feeding solutions. Feed costs are an important cost item for your company. Fancom feeding systems help you to accurately control the amount of feed given. You can conveniently adapt the ration composition to suit the animals' needs. This saves time and helps you keep the cost price of feed and the production results under control.Fancom feeding systems ensure your birds are supplied with the right amount of feed at the right moment.

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EasyBin is Fancom's simple silo weighing system where the silo is weighed using weighing bars or load cells. The feed computer transports the feed directly from the silo to the hoppers in the house so that large amounts of feed can be distributed in a short space of time. EasyBin™ enables simultaneous bulking and feeding without affecting feed consumption registration.

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Fancom’s batch weighing systems – EasyBatch™ and EasyBlend™ – use
a batch weigher positioned between 
the silo and the hoppers in the house
 to accurately distribute large amounts
 of feed in small batches. EasyBatch™
is ideal for situations where feed does not need to be mixed, whereas EasyBlend™ can mix two types of feed or add cereal products.

The F41 and F42 feed computers accurately control the entire process, from preparing the feed in the batch weigher and filling the hoppers in the house right up to supplying the feeding lines in the house. A manual operation unit (optional) allows you to operate the feeding system by hand should a malfunction unexpectedly occur.

iFarming™ gives you complete control. When the silo is empty, the system automatically switches to another silo that contains the same type of feed. The daily amount of feed and the mixing ratio can be preset in a feed curve. The MultiBlend system from Fancom is the ideal solution for situations with a central silo and a home-mix installation.

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Data Management

EasyBin™ Benefits

  • Accurate control from silo to pan feeder
  • Feed large amounts quickly
  • Actual silo content always visible
  • Insight into feed consumption
  • Save on feed costs

EasyBatch™ and EasyBlend™ Benefits

  • Complete automatic control of the feeding process
  • Manageable feed costs
  • Efficient feed management
  • You can add your own ingredients
  • Uniform bird growth