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Optimal Climate Control in Every Layer House

iFarming™ starts by regulating an optimal climate in your houses, regardless of the outdoor conditions. A cleverly customized climate benefits the growth and health of your animals and in turn the laying percentage and egg quality. In addition, it will save you feed, water and energy costs. Thanks to a good climate control system, weather conditions and fluctuating temperatures will have no influence on the house climate. You, however, can exert an influence on a sustainable and profitable production process.

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Fancom has developed the OvoFlow™ Climate System especially for layer houses. No matter what housing concept you use, you can rest assured that the climate will be identical throughout the entire house. With OvoFlow™ the airflow can be properly controlled and air will be distributed even in systems with cages and nest boxes. Even the hatches that open in free range houses have no influence on the ventilation pattern. The result is a constant flow of air without any drafts and a healthy air quality for both humans and animals.

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OvoFlow™ Benefits

  • Outstanding laying percentage
  • Improved egg quality
  • High uniformity
  • Lower mortality