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We are pleased to announce that Fancom's Lumina Touch climate computers are available in a Touch+ version with a large 12” touch screen controller. Fancom Lumina climate computers are appreciated worldwide for their flexible application options, combined with an extensive range of controls. This allows you to setup the Lumina system precisely for any livestock housing unit, large or small, and in all conceivable climate situations. The new Lumina Touch+ is available as of June 12, 2020.

Now with 70% more oversight

The large 12” control screen not only makes the Lumina computer visually attractive but it also offers the user an additional 70% of oversight and improves ease of use, as compared to the existing 7” screens. This makes smart regulation from Lumina climate computers even more accessible. Not only has the readout been improved, operation has become much more user-friendly. This saves time and avoids errors!

lumina touch+ clocks
lumina touch+ clocks
lumina touch+ clocks
lumina touch+ clocks

Uniquely simple

All Lumina computers uniquely feature well-arranged operating screens that offer users complete control over climate control processes in their livestock housing. Handy navigation buttons give direct access to all the most important data from the houses. Plus, it is now possible to zoom in from each page to retrieve additional details. This makes it easier to modify settings and minimizes the risk of errors. The data is clearly structured and users can quickly return to the main screen. This provides better insight into the processes in the housing, so that users can maximize the potential of their climate computers.

Big in simplicity

The Lumina Touch+ version is available for Lumina 17, 36, 38, 20, and 21 climate computers and Lumina 71 feeding computer. The big screen can also be mounted in a switch box. Existing Lumina users can also benefit from the new ease of operation by applying an update to their system.

Contact us for an introduction to this new Lumina Touch+ version, and you will be happily surprised by our new, attractively designed climate computers!