HydroCoir Grow Blocks

‘HydroCoir Grow Blocks’ can be supplied in a range of dimensions, 25kg, 5kg, & 3kg (55lb, 11lb, 6.5lb). Blocks can be supplied in various mixtures as per the client requirements. For example, 100% coco peat or coco chips or a mixture of both.

• Excellent drainage properties

• Improves air porosity and has successful water retention capabilities

• Capability to re-constitute by adding water

• Various sizes of coco husk chips can be supplied as required by the customer

• Available – unwashed and washed & super washed

HydroCoir Grow Discs

‘HydroCoir Grow Discs’ are compressed coco peat discs most suitable for individual and quick seed germination. Discs are also best used for the cultivation of floral crops and potted plants. Packed with high quality coco peat, our product can be supplied in customized dimensions and volumes with a wide range of mix as per the customer requirement.

• Easily manageable

• Excellent drainage properties

• Available – unwashed and washed & super washed.

Product Gallery

Our Grow Blocks & Discs are widely used by potting soil suppliers who use coco coir as a component in their respective potting soil mixes. Coconut coir is an essential additive for potting soil mixtures for potted and indoor plants, cuttings and seedlings.