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The Science of Monitoring Animal Behaviour

Abnormal animal behaviour, falling production and weight loss are just a few signs that can indicate a lot about the situation in your pig house. Fancom has developed a series of biometrics systems that enable you to monitor animal behaviour and the production process. You can immediately see any changes in the house, enabling you to intervene at an early stage.

BioSelect is a weighing & sorting station for finishers housed in groups. It is also used for weight-based selection of pigs at delivery. As a producer, you can enjoy permanent insight into the daily growth, uniformity, number of weighings, and the average weight of all the animals present. The finishers are automatically selected for the correct delivery weight. The result is less stress, labour savings and, thanks to the greater uniformity, a higher price for the finishers.

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EyeScan delivers permanent stress-free weighing of finishers. Fancom's growth monitor uses camera technology and is intended for finishers kept in small pens. An image scan is made each time a pig starts eating, enabling the computer to accurately calculate the animal's weight. This process is entirely automatic, labour saving and stress-free for the animals. 

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EyeScan Benefits

  • Stress-free weighing
  • Continous insight into growth
  • Accurate determination of the delivery weight
  • Labour saving

BioSelect Benefits

  • Automatic weighing and selection
  • Continuous insight into growth
  • High uniformity of the animals supplied
  • Feed and growth control of individual animals