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An Energy-efficient Climate System in Every Pig House

iFarming™ starts by regulating an optimal climate in your houses, regardless of the outdoor conditions. The right climate is beneficial to the growth and health of your animals and saves you costs for feed, water and energy. Thanks to a good climate control system, weather conditions and fluctuating temperatures will not affect the house climate. You are in control, not the conditions.

NatuFlow® is a ventilation system especially for control per house or section. Taking the age of the animals into account, the NatuFlow® system will automatically create accurate ventilation; never too much and never too little. NatuFlow® unites the advantages of natural ventilation, i.e. the ‘chimney effect’, and mechanical ventilation in a single system. In many situations, natural ventilation is enough to create a good house climate. So NatuFlow® only uses additional mechanical ventilation in situations where there are insufficient natural air currents. This allows energy savings of up to 30%, while at the same time you can benefit from an optimal house climate. If NatuFlow® is combined with the energy efficient i-fan, the energy savings can quickly add up to 80%. These results will reflect positively in your profits.

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EasyFlow is the simplest ventilation system, specifically for situations where no measurement and control units are used. EasyFlow™ controls the fan based on an RPM feedback that constantly measures the fan's running speed. The climate controller then ensures that the actual fan RPM equals the required RPM.

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CentralFlow™ is Fancom’s ventilation system for houses with a central air exhaust duct, with or without an air scrubber. CentralFlow™ helps to reduce ammonia emissions, dust and noise in order to comply with the demands placed by environmental permit applications. The distinctive quality of CentralFlow™ compared with other central control systems is its accurate airflow measurement and intelligent control features. Thanks to the optimal position of the control valve, the fans always run at the ideal speed, never too fast and never too slow. This ensures that there is always enough fresh air in all sections at all times while consuming a minimum of energy. CentralFlow™ therefore saves you an additional 20% on energy.

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Fancom’s PowerFlow™ is a ventilation system developed especially for large sections used to house pigs. It is also suitable for group housing systems. Through a sophisticated play of air inlet controls, air exhaust, heating, and if required, humidity or cooling, PowerFlow™ creates a uniform, stable climate in the entire section. PowerFlow™ banishes cold patches and draughts in the house. Having identical climate conditions for all the animals in the house results in improved growth and higher uniformity.

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NatuFlow™ and EasyFlow™ Benefits

  • Saves energy for ventilation
  • Lower heating costs
  • Accurate airflow measurement
  • No draughts in the section
  • Healthier animals

PowerFlow™ Benefits

  • A healthy climate in large sections
  • Identical conditions throughout the house
  • Improved growth
  • High uniformity
  • Energy efficient

CentralFlow™ Benefits

  • Reduces emissions
  • 20% extra energy savings
  • Minimum heating costs
  • Enough fresh air in all the sections
  • Healthier animals