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An Energy-efficient Climate System in Every Pig House

Feed costs are an important cost item for your company. So of course you want to keep costs in check in a smart way. Fancom’s pig feeding systems help you accurately manage the rations and keep feed costs under control. As each house is different, there are various solutions within iFarming™, both for dry feeding and liquid feeding.

An automated feeding process offers many practical advantages. You know that your animals are given the right feed ration automatically. And to optimize the results, you can adapt the ration composition to suit the animals' needs.Extensive signal functions safeguard the feeding process and warn in time of situations where preventive action may be needed.

EasyFeed™ is a simple feeding system for volume dosing at house level. No feed weighing is used and all the animals are given the same type of feed. EasyFeed™ is flexible in application and can be used to feed individual animals, such as sows, using dispensers for restricted feeding, or in ad-lib systems where groups of rearers or finishers are fed with dry or liquid feed in feeders. A registration feature gives you daily insight into the feed intake in the house or section.

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The MultiPhase™ dry feed system feeds the right portion in the right composition per feeding place. The feed composition can change daily in order to meet the precise needs of the animals. The transition between the different feeds is very gradual to avoid any problems the animals may have adapting to their new feed. Your animals will grow better and are less susceptible to diseases because the feed rate precisely follows the growth and mix curve. Other advantages are the possibility to add farm-grown ingredients or by-products, as well as other additives or micro elements.

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FullFix™ is Fancom’s basic liquid feeding system. The dose can be accurately set per feed valve to suit the needs of the animals. FullFix™ can distribute several feed types and large amounts of feed in a short space of time. This makes the system highly suitable for houses with finishers, and large farms with long distances between the feed kitchen and the troughs.

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SmartFix™ is Fancom’s liquid feeding system for waste-free feeding. The main characteristic of SmartFix™ is that the circuit is filled with a positioning liquid in between feeding cycles. This ensures that no feed is left behind in the circuits. This improves hygiene and reduces the risk of bacteria or mould in the feed and fermentation. Your animals will always be presented with fresh, appetizing feed. SmartFix™ is therefore ideal for sows and piglets. The SmartFix™ liquid feeding system can easily dispense various types of feed in succession.

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Data Management

EasyFeed™ MultiPhase™ Benefits

  • Extensive alerts
  • Flexible application
  • Add your own ingredients to the feed
  • Save on feed costs
  • Uniform animal growth

FullFix™ Benefits

  • Perfectly controllable feed process
  • Continuous measurement
  • Maximises growth potential of the animals
  • Up-to-date stock management
  • Unlimited possibilities, no matter what the size of the farm