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What is iFarming™?

New Fancom Techniques for Animal Based Measurements

The pig or poultry house of the future will be very different from what we are familiar with today. The introduction of farm management technology and the ability to reduce risks will get us closer to building optimum environments in the best interest of the animals. Combining pig and poultry farm equipment technologies and providing farmerw with the tools to react quickly to threats, will mean–for example–removing concerns over animal health in large groups of pigs.

What is Ifarming 7

Information is the key to success, so regardless of animal type it is important to have tight control over process inputs as it’s the foundation for good animal breeding and raising in a closed house. By managing climate, feed and water we at least allow ourselves a level playing field from which to build on. From that point acquiring as much information about the animals development be that growth, welfare, health or social wellbeing will be key to successful farming in the future.

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