• Research – products are based on scientific research to guarantee the best results
  • Quality – 45 years of experience produces the highest quality
  • Animal Welfare – research shows HATO lighting maximizes the impact of animal welfare and performance
  • Results – specifically designed to produce the best long term results in real life applications

4 Key Aspects of Poultry Lighting Inherent in HATO Products

1.  Spectrum: Poultry is very sensitive to light. Research confirms that chickens perform best under a broad light spectrum. Color is significantly present in a broad light spectrum in all our products and our DDS (dynamic daylight simulation) option replicates daytime Kelvin changes very effectively.

2. Light Distribution: Correct light distribution enables optimal use of the available space created for chickens. Done incorrectly, chickens will notice bright spots and shadows in their surroundings which can lead to piling, the avoidance of particular areas, and other undesirable behavior.

3. Dimming: It is important that a light is able to dim smoothly, deeply, and evenly from 100-0% to simulate sunrise and sunset conditions. Sunset/sunrise dimming effectively prepares chickens when its time to rest or wake up.

4. Flickering: Flickering lamps (constantly varying light output) are believed to give chickens the impression that a predator bird is flying above them. This constant –possible – threat causes the birds stress and reduces performance. Some say flicker at certain levels do not bother birds, we don’t take that chance, we eliminate all flicker.

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