Fancom Ventilation Systems

Revolutionary systems developed by Fancom will keep your herd or flock in the best condition. Happy and healthy animals develop better, faster, and easier – and produce more for your farm.

HATO Agricultural Lighting

Lighting plays a key role in responsible and profitable farming. Good lighting fulfills the needs of both animal and farmer. In this way, animal well-being and performance are improved, costs are lowered, while life is made easier for the farmer.

Fancom Smart Feeding Systems

From Wean to Finish it has never been more important to manage your pig feeding program effectively and optimally. Automating your process is a significant part of this strategy.

HydroCoir Substrates

HydroCoir (Coco or Coir – Substrate Specialists) makes use of the most modern technologies and machinery along with first class raw material to produce different blends of coir & coco peat based substrates that is suitable for any type of cultivation method.

MIK Flooring Systems

As the pioneers of plastic flooring and with more than 50 years of history refining their products, MIK is the leading specialist for high-value plastic flooring in pig, chicken, calf, sheep, and goat husbandry. Often copied, never duplicated!

TPI Precision Inlet Systems

TPI-Polytechnics aims to create the best environmental conditions and climates in buildings where livestock is housed. What we value most is animal well-being, therefore we produce quality products that function in all housing concepts no matter the local climate or weather conditions.

CleanLight Crop Protection

Giving you safe, easy, and effective crop, water, air and surface protection. CleanLight developed a proprietary technology to fight fungus, bacteria and viruses with a special germicidal UV light.