What Drives Us Forward

For decades, European farmers have had to feed more people with less land, higher energy costs, and stricter environmental standards than we have in North America. The systems they developed act as a force multiplier for the farmer who is serious about streamlining processes – as well as providing the best in animal welfare. It’s from their experience and expertise that we draw our inspiration.

Our Purpose:
To provide intelligent farming solutions for our customers.

Our Vision:
To enable every customer to increase profits through responsible farming.

Our Mission:
We will earn our customers’ trust and loyalty by creating effective relationships, and by providing exceptional products, sales and technical support. We will enable our customers to be more efficient, environmentally responsible, and profitable.

Guiding Principles

Can-Neth strives to be known as loyal, trustworthy, and as creators of value for our customers and partners. That’s why we prioritize viewing things from our customers’ perspectives, and pursue opportunities specifically intended to exceed expectations.


We are faithful to our commitments, and in our activities with distributors and their customers. Fruitful and long-term partnerships are always our goal.


Our day-to-day actions and decisions will be predictable and sound. Our interactions with you will be consistent, positive, and repeatable.


From our products to our technical support, sales, and service, we endeavour to create value that exceeds cost in everything we do.

Where We Come From

In 1986, founder Nico Mulder ten Kate was hired as a consultant for a hog barn-building project in the Fraser Valley. Tasked with researching the best farm management equipment suppliers in Europe, he sourced everything except the building – every concrete slat, galvanized feeder, inlet, fan, computer, nut, and bolt. He arranged for the works to be shipped from Europe to Abbotsford in containers.

Through his research, Nico was introduced to Fancom’s technologically advanced products and saw an opportunity to streamline distribution into Canada. The idea took hold, and Can-Neth Imports Ltd. was born.

Current owner Kevin Brown has been involved with the company for over 25 years. He took the original success and expanded on those efforts to create North America’s leading manufacturer’s rep for agriculture and horticulture products from overseas. Today we represent our products from coast to coast, in all regions of Canada and the United States.

Can-Neth's Experts

Assembling a capable and responsible group of people dedicated to company outcomes is an essential step in creating success. Meet the experts at Can-Neth!


Logistics & Order Fulfillment

With 30+ years of training and experience working in customer service, Adelle ensures we get the right parts to the right users at the right time. She thrives on creating a great experience for all of Can-Neth’s customers. She’s a total team player, doing everything she can to assist customers and end users alike.

It was her tenacity that helped create a home-based web design business when her kids were young. She noticed there was a huge demand from small and medium sized businesses, so while the kids were napping, she was learning how to design and build websites. With her skills, it didn’t take long for word to get out and she had herself a prosperous business for over 10 years.

Adelle has a quirky love-able sense of humor and a huge creative side where she enjoys doing anything crafty. She also dabbles in writing a (sure to be epic) science fantasy novel, and enjoys camping when she can. You can often hear her say that there is nothing a good bonfire won’t cure


Logistics & Order Fulfillment

Michele joined Can-Neth in 2019, bringing with her over 24 years of experience in assisting customers with everything from Project Management to Contract Administration.  In her current role of Order Fulfillment, Michele utilizes her extensive customer service experience to help our customers with orders and shipping.  She brings a noticeable passion and work ethic to the role. Outside of work, her focus is on family, through teaching her kids about the value of hard work, commitment and a healthy work/life balance.  In addition to being at the hockey rink to watch her daughters play or strapping on the goalie pads herself, Michele holds a volunteer position on the Board of Directors for Abbotsford Minor Hockey.  In the offseason, Michele enjoys cycling to stay active and camping with her family.

Technical Support

Matt is our in-house tech genius, handling support requests from customers—including troubleshooting hardware and software issues, installation and maintenance—as well as answering questions about systems, how they work and how to optimize settings. He thoroughly enjoys helping customers, especially talking through issues and getting to know people in the process. A BSc graduate with a Software Systems major at Simon Fraser University, Matt has a keen interest in multimedia and is currently developing instructional videos and software tools for Can-Neth. Besides customer service driven and talented, a word to describe Matt would be ‘happy,’ as anyone that’s worked with him can attest. He’s been a happy Abbotsford, BC resident most of his life, loves to play golf, hike with his dog, and hang out with friends. And when he’s not building software, he has a collection of woodworking tools at home and likes to build things.

Business Development & Sales

Having grown up in the farming community of Three Hills, Alberta, Corwin’s family agricultural roots run deep. He worked on cattle, grain, hog and dairy farms, learning about what goes into operating a farm and the non-negotiable work ethic required. Those foundational principles helped him as he headed west to complete his BBA (Economics) and MBA (International Business) at BC’s Trinity Western University. Corwin went on to build a 30+ year career in business development, sales and marketing, including his own business, helping small companies develop business strategies for 6 years before joining Can-Neth in 2018. In his business development role with Can-Neth, Corwin enjoys working with distributors and customers, along with the challenge of analyzing what’s working well, what’s not, and devising strategies and solutions to improve. Corwin loves being a dad to his three sons, as well as coaching both ice hockey and ball hockey, where his greatest success was Gold for Team BC at Nationals.