What is Coir?

Coir is made from grinding the husk of a coconut. It is an organic and environmentally friendly product used for horticultural and hydroponic practices. This growing medium is the sustainable choice for soil-less cultivation and can be manufactured into grow bags for soft fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Unlike other crop yielding products such as peat moss or rockwool, coir is completely harmless to the environment.

Coir, also known as cocopeat has the ability to hold excessive amounts of water in, right levels of air porosity, and deliver consistent supply of moisture and nutrient to the crop. Fibrous in nature, coir holds many air pockets which helps the crops to root profusely. The rise in the surface area of the root system facilities the better absorption of nutrients from the soil. Coir also absorbs water rapidly and the high retention prevents the dehydration of plants in high temperature climates.

The substrate has a relatively good structure stability and is very easy to handle. Coir has a big CEC (cation exchange complex). This is a negatively charged complex, that is naturally saturated with sodium (and potassium). Calcium and magnesium however have a stronger attraction to the coir complex.

Raw Materials - Coco Peat

Cocopeat is a natural fiber made out of coconut husks. This is 100% natural and is dried naturally in the sun. They are then carefully processed to produce a variety of substrates. HydroCoir’s facility is located within the coconut triangle of Sri Lanka, which provides us rapid access to high quality coir. This is a sustainable and renewable growing medium that is revolutionizing the agricultural industry.

Raw Material - Coconut Husk Chips

These are pre-cut slices and cubes made out of the coconut husk. These chips are thoroughly washed in clean water to help create a material which can be safely used in the cultivation of substrates with low electronic conductivity levels (low salt). This product is predominantly used in the hydroponics industry. This product is made available in deferent sizes and customized according to customer requirements. The chips can be mixed with other materials such as coco peat and fiber or simply be used as an individual cultivation substrate.

Raw Material - Coco Fiber

Coco fiber is a 100% natural eco-friendly alternative to peat moss. The fibers have the unique ability to retain high amounts of water and improve aeration. It is beneficial for optimal root growth and nutrient uptake. We carry both washed and unwashed types.

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