Intelligent Horticulture

Better horticulture through smarter products

The innovative technology and expertise required for horticulture was right next door to agriculture suppliers, making expansion into that industry a logical move for Can-Neth. Our ever-growing plant health and performance knowledge is rooted in European experience. We proudly represent these companies’ horticulture products in the North American market.

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Our Products

We have partnered with the worlds leading suppliers to provide products, systems and services that allow farmers to be more efficient, environmentally friendly, and profitable.


Our systems and products suit all forms of poultry housing; broilers, turkeys, layer hens reared in organic systems, floor based housing or (enriched) cage systems.


Our systems and products suit all forms of pig housing; farrow to finish, farrow to feeder, feeder to finisher, breeding/gestation and group housing for sows.


Our systems and products suit all forms of horticulture indoor housing and outdoor applications; tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, strawberry, grapes, and cannabis.

Intelligent Farming

As the global population grows, technology is essential to our food supply – but it must not come at the expense of our environment. Our intelligent farming systems and products allow farmers to be more efficient and provide more sustainable outcomes, while becoming more profitable.

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From designing your perfect barn to upgrading your equipment for better performance.

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Brands We Carry

If you want to work with a team that strives to put you and your projects first, we’ve spent time learning which suppliers offer the most effective solutions to managing today’s advanced farming operations.

Why Partner with Can-Neth?

Can-Neth has sourced and partnered with leading manufacturers of the latest technology and innovations in agriculture and horticulture, and we have become their product specialists. We then partner with local distributors across Canada and the USA to provide a North American Sales and Support Center on their behalf.

Industry Leading Knowledge

We immerse ourselves in the markets we serve. We continually improve our understanding of established & new approaches to enhance health & performance, by product and by region.

Technical Support & Expert Logistics

We're one of very few companies in our industry to provide free lifetime technical support for the products we sell. Our tech team is available to support distributors and their customers as needed.

Sales & Marketing Support

Providing product information and resources to both our distributors and our end users is an important part of what we do. We work directly with farmers in cooperation with our distributors.

Responsible Products at Competitive Prices

Our priority is to provide farmers with high quality products at competitive pricing that provides an effective and beneficial environment for the plants and animals you work with.

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We are always looking for great companies to work with. If you love to provide your customers with the best farming products and services, let’s talk.

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