Lighting & Flooring for Pig Farming

Our lighting and flooring products come from the Netherlands and Germany respectively. These suppliers are industry pioneers, using research and experience to enhance their products for the welfare and performance benefit of the birds.


An LED light fulfils the needs of pigs by optimizing their vision, health and performance in multiple ways.

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Controls, Software & Apps for Pigs

Whether you’re in your barn, office, sitting on the beach, or running into town for groceries – we provide controls that allow you to monitor your barn.

Fancom Aura 70

A feed computer designed especially for the EasyFeed system for volume dosing without feed weighing.

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Ventilation & Heating for Pigs

Our ventilation products include chimneys, wall inlets, ceiling inlets and the components required to operate them or complement their capabilities. We also have a unique air measurement system for chimneys that is effective and efficient.

Fancom I-Fans

The leading fan in energy efficiency is the new I-Fan, a brushless, direct current fan. Wall mount, built in, and chimney module models available.

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eYeGrow Camera System for Pigs

Fancom’s eYeGrow is a 3D camera system that automatically weighs your finishers with more than 93% accuracy. The eYeGrow weight monitor can be installed easily without calibration. This allows the development of a group of finishers to be followed from day to day.

Feed Systems for Pigs

Flexible auger, chain-disk, chain-feeding systems (and the controls to operate them) are all reliable products we provide to ensure your pigs are getting the right amount and type of feed.

Smart Feeding for Pigs

An important element of an intelligent farm is an effective and efficient feeding system. We are proud of the results our smart feeding systems are creating for farmers that use them.

Biosecurity for Pigs

Biosecurity has become increasingly important to manage livestock health more effectively and prevent the spread of disease. We have partnered with a company that provides a solution that kills pathogens of any kind.