EasyFeed Controller

The Aura 70 can be used to feed individual animals, such as sows, using dispensers for restricted feeding, or in ad-lib systems where groups of rearers or finishers are fed with dry or liquid feed in feeders.

Feed costs are the most important cost item on modern pig farms. The Aura 70 is a simple solution that will deliver huge gains in the feeding process:

  • An automated feeding process ensures the animals are automatically given the right feed ration.
  • The feeding process starts automatically based on the feed clocks in the computer.
  • Extensive signal functions safeguard the feeding process and warn in time of situations where preventive action may be needed.
  • The feed computer registers running times up to seven days back. This provides insight into the daily feed consumption and helps keep feed costs in check.
  • Switching to a second silo is also possible.