The Falcon chain conveyors, thanks to their great flexibility, can carry out very complex paths, which are difficult to achieve with traditional systems.

This system has a capacity of up to 12 tons / hour, while using very little engine power (which varies from 1.5 to 4 HP per circuit).
It is also possible to connect one or more collection silos and distribute the feed on one or two floors using the same system.

Conveyors with a Ø 102 mm (4″), are unique for their versatility and size. They can carry out various complex vertical and horizontal paths up to 400 meters (1300′) in length, with high flow rates and extremely low power used (from 2 to 4 HP).

Falcon is able to supply flexible flex auger systems (Ø 63, 75, 90, 125 mm), able to meet any feeding, positioning and capacity requirements.

The spiral moves the feed along the pipe; the flexibility of the spiral allows for the creation of paths that are not straight.

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