Twin Tube pipes have been comprehensively tested by DLG in Germany, guarantee high heat output and are widely used in animal housing heating systems. They consist of flat aluminum profiles extended from a pipe. Twin Tube pipes can be fastened or hung from various places: usually flat against the wall, in the air inlet duct or under the ceiling ventilation.

  • fast reaction speed (fast heating)
  • light weight
  • will not corrode

Twin Tube (Twin Pipe)

Twin Tube standard size pipe is 22mm (7/8″) but for higher heat output a 28mm (1-1/8″) is also available.


We offer a total package consisting of aluminum pipes, couplings, fixings, motor valves and circulation pumps. Various coupling options are available, but we prefer our own plastic couplings, here is why:

  • No leakage
  • No rust
  • Fitted without tools
  • Can be reused

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