Fancom supplies a comprehensive chimney system which can be mounted on all types of roofs commonly used in the intensive animal husbandry sector. Fancom chimneys are available in diameters of 14″ through 32″ (35 cm – 80 cm), all with a special roof plate, which ensures the chimney fits perfectly onto the existing roof.

  • Complete chimney with accessories

  • High end aerodynamics

  • Works well with the Fancom AT(M) air measurement system

  • Scales to any roof height

Available in the following sizes both insulated and uninsulated :

  • 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″ (35cm, 40cm, 45cm, 50cm, 56cm)
  • 25″ (63cm) w/ optional Helix Light Trap
  • 32″ (80cm) w/ optional Helix Light Trap



Cover, Rain ring, and base



Butterfly Damper

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