Thermo W XXL

Thanks to its extra-large size, the THERMO W XXL only requires a few connection accessories, combining high energy efficiency with a perfectly homogeneous heat distribution.

  • Reliable anti-slip surface for good drainage
  • Fast warming-and slow cooling process
  • Uniform heat distribution for uniquely comfortable lying area

Thermo W

The warm water operated THERMO W heat pad is very suitable for the cost conscious remodeling of existing installations and has greatly proved itself as a reliable heating in nursery systems.

Thermo E (electric)

The electrically heated THERMO E (electric) offers the advantages of the THERMO W (water) even where no warm water heating equipment is available or desired.

  • anti-slip knobbed surface
  • flexible arrangement of thermal nests
  • cost-efficient solution for small operations
  • compact heating panel

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