A properly controlled climate improves your pigs’ performance and saves on energy costs for ventilation, heating and lighting. With Fancom single room controls, controlling a profitable climate was never easier.

Lumina 17

  • Intelligent climate control
  • Two inlet zones
  • Control up to ten on/off fan groups
  • Influence your ventilation based on RH, CO2, and static pressure readings
  • Huge number of control functions
  • Simple operation

Lumina 16 Natural Ventilation Controller

  • Exceptionally versatile PNT (Power, Natural, Tunnel) ventilation control
  • Energy saving controls for ventilation, heating, and cooling
  • Intelligent light control
  • Includes three winch control and fan overrides
  • Continuous water monitoring
  • EasyFeed Feed control function
  • Simple touch-screen operation with swipe and zoom functions

Aura 12/14

  • Efficient in ventilation with the most accurate airflow measurement
  • Efficient with energy
  • Efficient operation save times and prevents errors
  • The Aura 14 features a curve to automatically control changes in house setpoint and minimum ventilation