The Fancom multi-room climate controls are control computers which control the climate in 8 – 24 pig sections. No matter how large your house is, one Lumina 20 or Lumina 21 controller is sufficient for accurate and energy efficient climate control in all sections.

  • One central computer

  • Automatically takes the outside conditions into account and compensates for seasonal influences

  • Easy to use 12" screen

  • Optional central ventilation control

Thanks to a good climate control system for pigs, extreme weather conditions and sharply fluctuating day and night temperatures have no influence on your house climate. Your pigs (health and growth) thrive because of a well-controlled environment which results in cost savings for feed, water and energy.

Having full control over your environment creates a sustainable and profitable production process (including cost savings for feed, water and energy).

A unique feature of the Lumina is the use of clear icons and colors:

  • green means everything is fine
  • orange means that something needs attention.

In addition, handy navigation buttons on the main screen give immediate access to the most meaningful data from the barn. It is possible to zoom in from each page to get more details. Changing settings is simple and the risk of errors is minimized.

All of this gives farmers better insight into the climates processes in their barn and helps them maximize use of their controls.

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