MIK INTERNATIONAL is Europe’s leading specialist for high value plastic flooring in pig, calf, sheep and goat husbandry (as well as poultry).

As the pioneers of plastic panels, MIK has more than 50 years of intense partnerships with success driven customers and  positive feedback  received from all of them. MIK is reputed for their flooring to be:

  • Stable and hygienic
  • Extremely strong and durable
  • Designed to ensure the health and safety of the animals and to reduce common injuries found in hog barns


The SWING system offers a wide variety of individual combinations with different sizes and surface types for farrowing. Intelligent hygienic solutions can be integrated additionally.


The CHESS is the innovation regarding nursery panels. The worldwide unique slot base arrangement with its chess board pattern ensures an optimum step-safety in every direction of movement.


The TRAPPER distinguishes itself in pre-finishing and finishing because of its high bearing capacity and first class self-cleaning.

MIK also has several CAST panels that can be integrated with the plastic panels.

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