Electronic Sow Feeding Station

By housing your gestating sows in a group, you offer them a safe and comfortable environment to live in. This also creates flexibility in how you divide up the house and requires less space. An added plus is lower investment costs.

Using feeding stations allows you to create a partitioned area for eating and you can automatically dose the correct ration to each sow. The result is control of your feed costs and your animals in top condition.

  • Efficiently & effectively manage farms

  • Top sow condition, more piglets

  • Meet the needs of the sows

  • Automatic detection, marking and separation of sows

  • Reliable technology redefining sow management

Once in the station, the sow is fed a tailored portion of feed. Feeding stations can dispense up to 3 types of feed using a maximum of 12 different feed curves. Each feeding station is suitable for 60-70 sows.

The feeding station shows you at glance how much the sows have eaten and if any feed is left behind. Any necessary adjustments to the feed curve can be made in that section.



Sow Farm Management (TouchTek):

  • One operating station for all the feeding systems in the sow house
  • Track sow performance in all phases of life
  • Handy touch screen operation with easy to recognize symbols
  • Link to your PC


Individual Animal Management (Milan-Touch):

Setting up and transferring the sows is simple. The transponder scanner in the hand-held terminal identifies the individual sows and displays all the relevant data on condition, feed profile and any alarms with a single click.

Any adjustments necessary can be entered at once, ensuring the information you work with is always the latest animal data.

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