Genetic improvements in sow breeding mean that the number of piglets in each litter is increasing. Sows must have a higher feed intake in order to produce more milk and at the same time limit body weight loss.

FaroTek allows you to feed sows several times a day according to an individual regime. This optimally utilizes the sow’s feed intake capacity

  • Higher milk production and therefore more uniform litters.

  • Less metabolic stress (weight loss followed by weight gain) reduces mortality.

  • Easier return to heat and larger litters at the next farrowing.

  • Lower replacement percentage of sows and improved results thanks to good age distribution in the herd.

Thanks to the combination of the right feed curve and the individual adjustments, sows are always fed the optimal amount. The sows have a higher feed intake and lose less body condition (backfat).

In the subsequent farrowing cycle, they have less weight to make up for and can therefore consume less feed. The savings on feed can amount to as much as 500 kg (1/2 ton) of feed per place in the farrowing house per year.

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