The WOW is the ideal retrofit solution to change a traditionally lighted house into a modern and efficient LED lighted house. It has been especially developed to stimulate both animal and farmer well-being. Fits into existing Edison style fixtures.

  • Voltage: 48 VDC

  • Power consumption: 9 W

  • Light output: 1000 lumen

  • Efficiency: 111 lm/W

  • Dim range: 100 – 0%

  • Expected average lifetime: 50,000h

  • IP rating: IP67 (waterproof)

  • Available in Warm White (3000K) or Warm White + UV (3000K) or Cold White (4500K)

Thanks to its perfect light spectrum and light distribution, the WOW is able to optimize poultry vision and stimulate desired behavior. This positively influences feed and water intake, huddling and pecking. As the WOW is flicker-free and 100-0% dimmable, animal stress is also significantly reduced. These features make the animals feel and perform better.