Fancom introduces a unique inlet that ensures a constant, uniform supply of fresh air throughout the house, even in extremely wide buildings. It effectively eliminates a cold air drop onto your animals, so they stay in good health and grow better. In addition, the consistent and even growth conditions improve uniformity.

  • Unique jet stream creates good static pressure even at minimum ventilation

  • 30% more capacity compared to a standard air inlet

  • Works best with Fancom's iM.60 or iM.125 smart actuator

  • Multiple inlet types available (see below)

  • Optional wind hood and light trap available for wall inlets

The Fantura ceiling ventilation system consist of a single ceiling inlet (below) or a double ceiling inlet (beside), an intelligent actuator and smart control computer.

The ceiling inlet is specially for wider houses with a lowered ceiling and pre-treats the incoming air. A single and a double version is available. The special V-shape of the inlet ensures a powerful flow of fresh air up to a capacity of no less than 80% horizontally along the ceiling. This shape is unique and there is no other ceiling inlet that can match these results. The air can mix better with the air in the house to prevent climate fluctuations.

Intelligent Actuator Motor

The Fantura system works in combination with a Fancom climate computer and the intelligent iM.60 or iM.125 actuators. The system is easy to install. Depending on the capacity needed, the actuator determines the optimum position of the Fantura ceiling inlet, taking into account the changing shape of the air inlet opening and thus guaranteeing the right inlet position to create an optimal climate in your barn.

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