Biosecurity on farms is becoming increasingly important to prevent the spread of diseases. Whether it’s systems for items entering your facilities, air systems for your staff in lunch room, or water systems for tanks or inline pipes, we can help control any of the ways that pathogens move around your farm.

  • UV-C Light can kill up to 99.99% of virus', mold and bacteria including COVID-19

  • Quick and easy way to disinfect equipment and tools coming into your barn from outside

This biosecurity chamber was built to disinfect harvest carts. However, this chamber can be custom built to size and used for any tools or equipment required to be brought in and out of pig facilities. Whatever item is required to be disinfected is moved through the chamber at a pace that ensures it is disinfected.

For smaller items (phone, keys, small tools, glasses, laptop, etc.) a smaller Bio-Box is available to ensure everything you are bringing into your poultry barn is not carrying any pathogens. Operation is simple, press the “on-button” and 90 seconds later your items are safely disinfected.

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