The IntelliTek Feeding station is a feeding system for sows in group housing. The station identifies the sow with an individual RFID-ear tag and provides every sow with an individual calculated amount of feed. The IntelliTek Feeding station can be equipped with additional options (selection gate, color marking, heat detection, second feed ingredient, automated feed additives) to execute management tasks additional to the feeding.

fancom intellitek feeding system


The FaroTek is an individual feeding system in the farrowing house. It allows you to feed sows several times a day according to an individual regime. This optimizes the sow’s feed intake capacity. The system calculates each sow’s daily feed ration according to a feed curve and doses this ration in several portions throughout the day based on the sow’s appetite.


The Rondomat is a sensor-controlled automatic feeder for piglets that helps ensure a smooth post-weaning transition to feed. The weaned piglets are given immediate access to clean, fresh feed without having to learn how to operate a feed trough system. This prevents the growth loss often experienced by piglets after weaning and results in optimal health with good, fast growth.

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