The Fancom air inlet system is designed to create optimal climate conditions in pig and poultry houses, using pressurized ventilation systems.

The system includes specially designed actuators (iM.60 or iM.125), wall mounted Fantura inlets, and an AT(M) chimney system that continuously measures and controls ventilation. The unique air inlet system ensures a constant, even supply of fresh air into the house in all conditions.

Our specially designed Fantura inlets put an end to cold air dropping down onto your animals, and the litter stays nice and dry to prevent foot problems. Your animals stay healthy and grow better, and the consistent growth conditions improve uniformity.

The design of the inlet consists of an integrated jet stream on the inlet, which changes the shape of the inlet opening to a compact, rectangular aperture. The incoming air is compacted, creating a better throw, and is directed to the middle of the house where it can mix with the warm air already inside. Two options are available, one for -5°C (23°F) or greater and for temperatures down to -35.0 °C (-31°F).

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