Ventilation for poultry is very diverse with lots of different bird types. Ventilation for pigs is an important matter as pigs and especially younger ones are very sensitive to temperature and air flows.

From wall & ceiling inlets to ventilation chimneys with re-circulation elements, TPI produces and develops components to the highest standards. The unique polyurethane formula we work with offers high insulation values and a strong outer skin. This makes our components also perfectly suitable for colder climates.

Wall inlets are often used in cross ventilation, longitudinal ventilation and combined ventilation concepts. For pigs especially, the advantage of ceiling inlets is that the air can be warmed up before entering the house.

We offer 4 base models of inlet and exhaust chimneys with some slight variations in functionality. Re-circulation chimneys for example mix incoming air with warm air from inside the house.

Our program of air inlets is completed with the addition of wind hoods and light traps. Mainly for poultry the light traps help to keep out daylight. This makes it possible to create an artificial day and night schedule for the animals. Wind hoods are commonly used to keep wind from blowing directly through the wall inlet and we offer a a wind hood that holds a light trap for most of our inlets.

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