The CleanLight UV-C purifier provides an efficient and environmentally friendly way to clean, freshen and clear water. The water is fed through the UV-C unit by means of a pump. The UV-C radiation neutralizes bacteria, viruses and other primitive organisms and prevents them from reproducing.

Our CleanLight PW Pro systems are used for horticulture, agriculture, aquaculture, swimming pools & hot tubs, ponds, food processing, industry and even for drinking water. All of our units provide a reliable and efficient disinfection of your water.

A complete system comes with a control unit, UVC and temperature sensors and smart pin technology (an innovative system which allows the user to change out the UVC bulbs safely, even with the system full of water and pressurized).

In addition, the stainless-steel interior reflects the UV-C radiation, increasing the efficiency by 35%.

The Cleanlight Immersion racks can be configured in multiple different configurations and numbers of bulbs from single bulbs all the way up to larger units as shown here.

We measure the clarity of the water and the amount of the water flow to determine how many bulbs are required.

The system components are all manufactured according to IP 68 standards (waterproof). Control is done from a switch box close by the water container.

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The CleanLight Water Purifier also includes an integrated hour meter that accurately monitors the number of usage hours. You can see exactly when the lamp needs to be replaced.

We offer a range of controls that go along with any of these systems in order to effectively manage the water purification process.