A pleasant barn climate contributes to healthy and productive dairy cattle. Especially when outside temperatures are high, ventilation is of vital importance. By using the right fans heat stress can be prevented.

  • Specifically developed for dairy barns
  • Available in a wide variety of styles and diameters

Modern, highly productive dairy cows must live under optimum climate conditions all year round. To reduce heat stress in dairy barns, we offer a diverse range of Multifan’s.

Our Dairy Fan (Basket Fan) has been specifically developed for dairy barns. With its high throw and high air output, this fan maintains a minimum airspeed of 2 m/s over a long distance.

Not all dairy barns are high enough to install our 130 cm Dairy Fan. For these barns we have the 50, 63 and 71 cm Basket Fans available. Smaller in size, but with the same working principle as the 130 cm Dairy Fan. The 130 cm Dairy Fan can also be combined with the 50, 63 and 71 cm Basket Fans.

Dairy Fan Features:

  • High level of air movement: up to 46.300 m3/h at 0 Pa
  • High throw up to 142 meters
  • Frequency and transformer controllable
  • Recommend one fan every 12/14 meters
  • High efficiency: 15,7 Watt /1000 m3/h
  • Low noise level to keep cows calm (55 dB)
  • IP55 motor (water and dust resistant)

Multifan Horizontal Circulation Fan – This fan efficiently and powerfully recirculates air over a long distance, quickly creating a uniform indoor climate. Especially suitable for environments with high temperatures and humidity.

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