The Lumina 38H controls your barn climate with the additional functionality of controlling a heat exchanger for minimum ventilation.

A heat exchanger exchanges heat that is extracted from the barn and combines it with fresh outdoor air; warming it up before releasing it back it into the barn. This saves costs for heating, improves the climate in the barn and improves the litter quality, reducing ammonia emissions.

It can control the following ventilation concepts that use a heat exchanger:

  • Fancom Combi

  • Fancom EC-Combi

  • Fancom MTT

  • Tunnel Ventilation

Control of multiple ventilation methods

  • Very user friendly user interface, large graphical display, with variable menu.
  • Access with optional password protection up to 3 different levels (average user, advanced user and installer).
  • Complete implementation of the Fancom (EC-)Combi concept and the Fancom MTT concept (Minimum Transitional Tunnel).
  • Extensive combi table with 32+16 set points, 16 combi relays, 1 linear/modulating part, 1 inlet control (or winter inlet, 1 tunnel control or summer inlet) and negative pressure.

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