FarmManager™, is Fancom’s PC management program. FarmManager gives you instant access, day and night, to all the Fancom control computers on your farm. View, control and analyze all the operational processes from behind the PC. And if necessary adjust the control computer settings to improve results even more. The result is a perfect overview of the entire farm, with no detail left to chance.

  • Easily monitor all of your operations controls from a central location saving time and labor
  • Collect and graph any data that is monitored by your controls
  • Create customer overviews to see an overview of your operations
  • Remotely backup your control settings
  • Automatically email alarm and sample results


Fancom’s farm management software has been designed and developed in cooperation with various entrepreneurs active in the agricultural sector. That process has created a host of benefits that have allowed for complete and effective farm management:

  • Our Farm Manager software is easy to install and automatically links the control computers to your PC or laptop
  • Data is clearly presented in tables and graphs per house or for the entire farm. This data helps you and your advisors, vets and feed suppliers to optimize performance.
  • Timely identification of abnormalities in animal development helps you steer towards steady and healthy growth.

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