Floral Mix

Our floral mix was created to help flower products thrive in any given climate. HydroCoir’s special blends are made to generate healthy root growth and drainage whilst retaining particle structure to ensure that the coir can be utilized for numerous years without causing any harm to the crops. Flowers such as orchids, tulips, gerberas, roses and anthuriums are some of the most popular crops that grow in our coir.

Our Recommended Products: HydroCoir Open Tops, Grow Slabs, Grow Blocks and Grow Plugs.

Potting Soil

We supply washed and unwashed coco peat and coco husk chips in the form of compressed blocks to potting soil mixing suppliers around the globe. We allow our coco coir to age to boost its stability prior to compression and delivery to our customers.

Our potting soil product range is used to mix with other mediums such as perlite and wood fiber to produce value added blends by manufacturers around the world.

Huskers Home Gardening

Gone are the days of messy and bulky coco coir blocks that are difficult to handle and store. Huskers compact coco slabs are easy to use and make home gardening more fun!

You can use one slab at a time and safely store the rest in the box to avoid the slabs from absorbing moisture.

Our coco is packed with 100% natural organic coir and comes in various material blends. Each slab will give you the ideal potting mix for indoor and outdoor gardening that provides consistent moisture and drainage to plant roots.

Product Types