By enabling a better light distribution inside the system (broiler cages, enriched cages) and below the system (enriched cages and aviaries), the BUBO is able to improve poultry sight, behavior, well-being and performance. A higher feed and water intake and less floor eggs are just a few of the results from using these lights. Since the BUBO is flicker-free, it reduces animal stress and unwanted behavior such as pecking. Thanks to its 100-0% dimmability, the birds are well prepared for transition between day and night.

The BUBO is easy to install thanks to the plug & play connection, easy to clean as its rated IP67 and has an expected average lifetime of 50,000 hours. The BUBO is also very energy-efficient, which leads to lower costs, a decreased workload, less downtime and thus better overall company results.

  • Lengths available: 35.4" (0.9m), 70.8" (1.8m)

  • 50,000 hour lifetime

  • Waterproof IP67

  • Dimmable 0%-100%

  • Flicker-free solution

  • Plug and Play installation

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