A grower wants to optimize productivity, next to reducing carbon footprint. Active climate control guarantees growers uniform climate conditions resulting in less temperature differences (avoiding cold spots), better distribution and absorption of CO2 and lowering the risk of humidity related diseases (botrytis). A crucial part of active climate control is the specific selection of the right fan, always based on your greenhouse conditions.


  • Even distribution of heat and air humidity
  • Prevention of fungal and pest infestation
  • Promotion of fertilization
  • Simulation of the air movement as in the natural habitat

People chose Multifan because they provide a considerable increase in energy efficiency compared to previous versions. They are also provide ‘easy to mount/remove’ wire guards and the motor/impeller construction also make it an easy to maintain fan.


With the V-Flo Fan, Multifan offers the grower the opportunity to reduce the negative impacts, due to humidity, in a simple and energy efficient way. The vertical airflow results in an optimal uniform micro climate at plant level.

The V-Flo Fan and circulation fan are not suitable to use together.



Fans from ZIEHL-ABEGG have been used in greenhouses for decades. The air available in the greenhouse must be circulated, exchanged and evenly distributed. This experience has been incorporated into the new generation of fans that operate in both an eco-friendly and efficient manner.