HydroCoir Grow Blocks

‘HydroCoir Grow Blocks’ can be supplied in a range of dimensions between 5kg & 3kg (11lb, 6.5lb). Blocks can be supplied in various mixtures as per the client requirements. For example, 100% coco peat or coco chips or a mixture of both.

• Excellent drainage properties

• Improves air porosity and has successful water retention capabilities

• Capability to re-constitute by adding water

• Various sizes of coco husk chips can be supplied as required by the customer

• Available – unwashed and washed & super washed

‘HydroCoir Grow Blocks’ can be shipped to use with various bale breaker styles.

• Individual blocks for mini bale breakers

• Stacked on a pallet for vertical bale shavers

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Our Grow Blocks are widely used by potting soil suppliers who use coco coir as a component in their respective potting soil mixes. Coconut coir is an essential additive for potting soil mixtures for potted and indoor plants, cuttings and seedlings.