HydroCoir Grow Cubes

Grow Cubes are ideal for complimenting mature plants where growers are looking to transplant. They are sustainable solutions for plant propagation. Transplanting our Grow Cubes from propagation to vegetation is simple and straight forward. Place our Grow Cube on the planter holes in our Grow Slab or Open Top and set your irrigation drippers.

• Quick and easy transplant

• Cubes are 100% biodegradable

• Rapid root development

HydroCoir Grow Discs & Plugs

Plugs are perfect for seed germination and plant propagation. Place the plugs in pots, trays or floats to rehydrate and plant.

Discs are also best used for the cultivation of floral crops and potted plants. Packed with high quality coco peat, our product can be supplied in customized dimensions and volumes with a wide range of mix as per the customer requirement.

• Easily manageable

• Excellent drainage properties

• Available – unwashed and washed & super washed.