Modern technology has become a crucial part of intelligent agriculture all over the world. Farmers use this technology to increase efficiency and manage costs. We know that smart agriculture makes the process of farming more accurate and controlled, especially when it comes to raising animals.  At Can-Neth, we’ve come up with smart solutions to meet your farming needs.  Based on over thirty years of experience with industry-leading agriculture suppliers, we know what will enhance your farming practices. We’ve partnered with the top agricultural manufacturing companies to come up with products that will provide you with more control over your farming outcomes. While there are many smart solutions to animal farming, the importance of farm lighting has become widely recognized over the last few years.  Research shows that animals react and respond to light differently than humans do. Certain light intensities and spectrums help improve animal sight, thereby improving their performance and production. This is why an optimal lighting climate forms the basis for responsible and profitable animal farming.  Our HATO lighting systems provide the ideal farm lighting climate. These optimized and durable LED lighting solutions are built distinctively for the agricultural sector. 

What is HATO Lighting?

HATO lighting for poultry farming

The HATO lighting systems (link to pillar page) are designed specifically to help enhance animal performance and create a comfortable environment to boost their health and well-being.  With over 45 years of experience in creating good barn lighting, HATO lighting systems are proven to yield the best long-term results in animal farming. Research shows that HATO lights help farmers in several ways.
Farmers gain more control over their outcomes
Using our smart solutions, you’re in complete control of the farming process and its outcomes. Whether you want to change the amount of light entering your barn, adjust the lighting colours to regulate animal behaviour, or create daytime/nighttime simulation to increase production, it’s all in your hands. You make the decisions when it comes to your farming practices. You control the lighting to make sure it’s optimized to produce the best results. 
Farmers can easily monitor the production process
You can track all the changes and updates you’d like to make to your farming practice. By monitoring your poultry, pig, or livestock health you’re able to eliminate the risk of losing yields. Our smart solutions help you stay one step ahead by preparing you for what to expect. 
Farming efficiency is boosted
With highly optimized and well-researched smart solutions at your fingertips, you’re able to create the best farming outcomes for yourself. This not only boosts efficiency but enhances production results as well. 

What are the benefits of using HATO lighting?

HATO lighting creates an environment for your animals that is conducive to better health. Since your animals are more comfortable in this setting, they develop better and faster, and as a result, produce more for your farm.  The benefits of using HATO lighting are two-fold. HATO lighting promotes farmer well-being, along with animal welfare.  

Farmer Well-Being

Farmer well-being

Durable barn lighting makes the life of a farmer much easier. Since these lights function smoothly and effectively under harsh environments in animal farms, they survive for a long time, problem-free.  As a result, farmers experience a range of benefits:
Lower workloads
These farm lighting solutions are waterproof (IP67), easy to install, clean, and don’t require intensive labour. Additionally, since you’re in control of your farming outcomes through automated lighting systems, your work becomes less challenging. 
Reduced replacement costs
If your barn lighting systems are heavy-duty, long-lasting solutions, they’re less likely to require regular check-ups and replacement services. Our smart lighting solutions run for around 50,000 hours uninterrupted, compared to “off-the-shelf” bulbs that typically last under 10,000 hours. This reduces your replacement costs over time and helps you use your smart solutions more effectively.  
Less downtime
Our smart solutions are well-optimized and run uninterrupted. Since the systems were created to produce the best results and make farming practices easier for farmers like you, you don’t need to worry about downtime. 
Decreased energy costs
We know that LED lights in general save a lot more energy than other types of lights. But have you ever wondered how much energy they save? Here’s a breakdown of energy consumed by HATO lighting systems.  Our smart lighting systems only produce 4320 kilowatts in a year, as opposed to the 7776 kilowatts that fluorescent tube lights produce. When you look at your energy bill at the end of each year, you’ll notice how much of your hard-earned money our smart solutions can save.  Farm lighting systems not only contribute to farmer well-being but also the well-being of our environment as a whole. By reducing the amount of energy produced, our HATO lights promote better performance in a sustainable and responsible way.  

Animal Welfare

Poultry barn lighting

Our smart solutions also greatly benefit your farm animals directly. Aside from making them more comfortable in their environment, they enhance animal performance and well-being as well.  The HATO lighting systems help animals in a number of ways.
Improving animal sight
Since animals perceive light differently than humans, it is crucial to install the right type of farm lighting for your animal barns. A light climate that fulfills the needs of your animals improves their sight. By improving their sight, animals perform better and produce better results. 
Fulfilling specific needs 
Each type of farm animal has unique needs. The lighting needs of poultry differ from the lighting needs of pigs or the lighting needs of cattle. For instance, when your poultry birds act aggressively, you can use a blue light to calm them down or create daytime and nighttime simulations to optimize their performance. Pigs, on the other hand, react differently to light in different stages of their production cycle. It is essential to use the right type of barn lighting to fulfill the needs of different animals. 
Providing optimized solutions to promote higher performance
It is no secret that our smart solutions provide you with highly optimized results. Since the different elements of HATO lighting directly influence animal welfare and performance, you’re guaranteed to yield better results.  Let us help you improve your farming through our smart solutions. If you’d like to know more about our HATO lighting systems and how they can change your farming outcomes, contact us today. Our team of industry-leading experts will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you might have. 

Backed By Science

All our HATO innovative lighting systems, created in 1974, are backed by research and science.  As we’ve learned so far, good lighting fulfills the needs of both animals and farmers. In this way, animal well-being and performances are improved, while the farmer’s life is made easier and costs are reduced. Overall farm results increase as a logical result. If you’d like to learn more about the science behind our HATO lighting solutions, we’ve added a few resources for you to tap into.  4 Key Benefits of Optimal Parent Stock Lighting 4 Key Benefits of Optimal Layer Lighting 4 Key Benefits of Optimal Broiler Lighting Everything You Need to Know About HATO Light Colouring