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The Science of Monitoring Animal Behaviour 

Abnormal animal behaviour, falling egg production, and weight loss are just a few signs that can indicate a lot about the situation in your house. Fancom has developed a series of biometrics systems that enable you to monitor animal behaviour and the production process. You can immediately see any changes in the house, enabling you to intervene at an early stage.

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Fancom's 746 egg counting and egg belt control system not only provides a reliable count of egg production, it also gives you an insight into how production is progressing at any given moment. The system also automatically regulates the speed of the egg belts so that the supply on the collection belt is always precisely geared to the packing capacity. This saves a huge amount of time. In addition, it offers the added bonus of fewer start/stops, thereby considerably reducing the risk of cracked eggs.

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Continuously weighing your birds provides an up-to-date overview of the conditions in your house and insight into animal activity. Abnormalities are visible more quickly, so you can take timely intervention to prevent losses in egg production.

Fancom’s offers two reliable animal weighing systems: The F47 is
a handy control computer with one
or two weighing scales. It weighs all
 the birds in one house. The 747, with the same features, can be used in a maximum of eight houses. This gives
 a reliable impression of the current situation and most importantly, causes your birds no stress.

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The water consumption of layers is one of the simplest, but above all most effective, tools that a layer farmer can use to monitor the performance of the birds. The F38 features a special water monitoring program that enables up to eight separate water lines or groups, or the consumption in the entire house, to be registered hourly.
 The water consumption of layers is
one of the simplest, but above all most accurate tools, that a layer farmer can use to monitor the performance of the birds. Differences between the water lines mutually, or between yesterday’s and today’s figures are immediately visible. This allows timely intervention in the event of problems, often even before a problem has had the chance to have any negative effects on egg production.

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Egg Counting and Egg Belt Control Benefits

  • Continuous insight into egg production
  • Automatic egg belt control
  • Saves time at egg collection

Layer Weighing Benefits

  • Permanent insight into the conditions of your birds
  • Prevents egg production losses
  • Stress-free living

Water Monitoring Benefits

  • Continuous insight into water consumption
  • Early warning system for abnormalities
  • Effective vaccination