The CleanLight air purifier’s are a plug and play solution for cleaning dust, spores, fungi, viruses, and bacteria from the air. This unit is designed for all types of consumers from businesses to hobby growers to professional horticulturists. The air in your living or working environment is continuously protected.

CleanLight Air’s built in motor pulls the air through an M3 filter to remove dust, small insects, etc. The air is then blown past a germicidal UV lamp where pathogens are deactivated. The fresh filtered air is then blown back into the room.

The entire unit may be mounted on any wall, plugs into a regular 120v outlet and operates continuously, 24/7. One unit is suitable for rooms up to 100 m3 (3500 cu.ft.) and for larger rooms, multiple units can be installed.

CleanLight’s Pro Air 800 (larger model) air disinfection units are ideal for installation anywhere and are reliable disinfection of areas like warehouses, greenhouses or large scale grow rooms up to 800 m³ (28,250 cubic feet). The adjustable ventilation system allows you to increase the UVC dose, so that mold spores can be deactivated in a single cycle.

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