The CleanLight Boom system is versatile and can be used for the production of seedlings, leafy vegetables and young plants, all the way up to mature and flowering plants.

There are two versions of strength available. For booms close above the crops we have the CleanLight RO version (36 watt) and for booms that need to be mounted further away from the crops we have the CleanLight XL version (160 watt).

Stand-Alone CleanLight Boom

This light weight version does not spray pesticides or water. It only applies light, once a day, to reduce or eliminate your dependency on chemical pesticides.

Integrated with Irrigation Boom

It is also possible to have the CleanLight RO or CleanLight XL units mounted to an existing irrigation boom. The units will mount up side by side on the boom and be utilized during times the booms are not being used to irrigate.

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The parabolic reflectors ensure that all the light is directed downward for optimum effect, and also to shield workers and visitors against unwelcome levels of UV light. In addition the reflectors diffuse the light to help spread it around so that in most cases even the bottom side of the foliage is kept free of disease.