Developed in 1985, CleanLight is often being used in hospitals, laboratory and other contamination sensitive sectors. Besides handheld surface disinfection models, CleanLight builds custom made UV-tunnels and UV-disinfection systems for any horticulture and agricultural companies. CleanLight is now even being used in dental offices and labs to ensure pathogens are taken care of.

The CleanLight UV Table disinfection unit is a very effective method to keep your tables free of fungi, bacteria and viruses. It is often easily integrated with other existing systems.

The CleanLight UV Tunnel is an essential tool in preventing cross contamination. This system is effective against fungi, bacteria and viruses. The amount of UV-lights is calculated based on the time that the cart passes the tunnel.

The CleanLight UV Tray disinfection unit provides growers with a safe, fast and dry method to disinfect their trays. Effective against fungi, bacteria and viruses. Works optimal together with a washing system. The less organic material on the tray, the better.

Product Gallery

Many other applications for cleaning items in agriculture and horticulture also exist. Bio-security on farms has become increasingly important as different diseases attack our poultry and pigs and can be carried from farm to farm on tools, boots or equipment.

As seen in the gallery, CleanLight offers a variety of sizes and shapes of units to clean tools and equipment.