Ermaf hot air blowers are manufactured from high-grade stainless steel which makes them impervious to unfriendly environments. The automatic ignition is triggered by an ignition electrode. The heating operation is monitored by an ionization safety. The appliance is fitted with an overheating safety. A fully automatic operation is obtained through a thermostat or climate computer.

Functions available: automatic restart after gas pressure drop or electricity drop, adjustable start delay, detailed error description visibility on control unit, flame current (ionization) read out, extra electric connection possibilities (fans, external alarm etc.) and many similar others functions on top of these.

Within the “direct fired” heater options, greenhouses can be fed with CO2 gasses produced by the combustion which increases the growth rate of the plants. Flue gas also contains H2O that can help to optimize humidity levels in the installation space.

However, with its “indirect fired” options, high level indoor air quality can be maintained by extracting flue gasses directly to the atmosphere.

  • highly clean combustion with low levels of CO and NOx

  • high air displacement (6500 to 8000 m3/h)

  • high jet length (40 to 50 meters)

  • low gas pressure (20 to 50 mbar)

Air heaters suitable for horticulture applications contain a centrifugal fan which provides better efficiency and lower noise level.

Hot air blowers can be connected to a room thermostat or a climate control to have best temperature control and remote monitoring on your greenhouse.




LAYOUT EXAMPLES – depending on product types and climate; several other options are also possible depending the design of the greenhouses.

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100% efficient, fully automatic or manual operation, good resistance to water and humidity in the greenhouse (IP 54), optimum value for money!