Fancom’s unique air inlet system ensures a constant, even supply of fresh air into the house in all conditions. It puts an end to cold air dropping down onto your animals and the litter stays nice and dry, avoiding foot problems. Your animals stay healthy and grow better, and the consistent growth conditions improve uniformity. The Fantura air inlet system consists of an air inlet valve, an intelligent actuator and a smart control computer.

  • Unique jet stream creates good static pressure even at minimum ventilation
  • 30% more capacity compared to a standard air inlet
  • Works best with Fancom’s iM.60 or iM.125 smart actuator
  • Multiple inlet types available (see gallery below)
  • Optional wind hood and light trap available for wall inlets
  • Two options:  > -5° Celsius (23° Fahrenheit) or > -35° Celsius (-31° Fahrenheit)

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