Strawberry Mix

Strawberry plants are very sensitive to root zone environments. Therefore, a versatile substrate is highly recommended to manage the moisture content of the plant. The crop demands high porosity to supply high amounts of oxygen in to the root zone. The HydroCoir strawberry mix supplements this requirement effectively to increase growers’ yield substantially. Our grow bag is suitable for cultivation on table-tops, gutters or raised beds in poly-tunnels and glass houses.

Our Recommended Products: HydroCoir Grow Bags/Coco Slabs.

Tomato Mix

Greenhouse tomatoes and outdoor tomatoes are often planted in specialist grow bags. This is the main agro-technology adopted for growing tomatoes worldwide. Three plants per 100 cm (40″) grow bag, is ideally recommended for the best harvest. Our tomato mix offers a dry growing environment with a flexible water holding capacity to enable maximum crop steering in a range of climates.

Our Recommended Products: HydroCoir Grow Bags/Coco Slabs and Open Top Grow Bags.

Pepper & Egg Plant Mix

Capsicum, or sweet peppers are most productive when grown in greenhouses. Chillies and peppers naturally grow in much hotter countries than cold countries, so they need to be grown in greenhouses or polytunnels. Therefore, grow bags are an ideal growing medium for these crops.

Our Recommended Products: HydroCoir Grow Bags/Coco Slabs.

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