Healthy, well-performing cattle surely benefit the farmer. The highest quality materials ensure a high ROI thanks to the 50,000 hour expected average lifetime. Energy efficient LED lighting has a positive impact as well; both on farm results and on the environment. High quality LED Lighting makes a significant difference in energy costs while reducing the impact on the environment.

  • 48Vdc LED Bulb

  • Flicker free

  • 0-100% dimmable

  • 50,000 hour expected lifespan

  • 2 year warranty

Cattle, just like any other type of animal, has its own vision abilities. The light climate should be provided in such a way that their vision is optimized. By optimizing cattle vision, it’s well-being and performances will improve accordingly. Deep, flicker-free dimming ensures calm and relaxed animals. Reduce their stress, improve their milk production.

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