Broiler Slat

The MIK broiler slat is designed for broilers without using any litter. Due to the surface design the flooring offers a perfect animal friendly and clean solution.

  • Available with leg system for use with support beams

  • Leg type available in 3 different heights: 7.9" (200mm), 9.8" (250mm), 11.8" (300mm)

  • Flooring ensures to have no blisters on breast and always clean birds

  • Easy and fast assembling / disassembling

Poultry Slat

The MIK Poultry Slat combines the following advantages through the special design of the slat surface:

  • Good manure passage through arched bridges and an open surface
  • High load bearing capacity and longevity
  • Simple and fast assembly
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable to walk on and reduced possibility of injury due to rounded edges
  • Avoidance of mite infestation through open style support bearer tabs

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